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X-Crafts Drops New Trailer for E-Jets Family

EJETS Family Trailer
Developer X-Crafts has dropped a brand new trailer for its upcoming E-Jets Family coming to X-Plane 11. The new trailer was shown off during FlightSimExpo 2021 and showcases the new external modelling and texturing. In addition, we get a glimpse of cockpit modelling and systems. Finally, we were also given a 2022 release window. Join us later for an exclusive interview with
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X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family

ERJ Family X Crafts V1.3.3 Update.thumb.jpg.6b0506eff7c330c7cb9c40f85f666cf3
X-Plane aircraft developer, X-Crafts, has taken to the X-Plane forum to announce their update for the ERJ135-145XR and Legacy 650 aircraft, to version 1.3.3. Although the team have been focussing on their all-new E-Jets development, the advances to the ERJ family of aircraft has not stopped and the post reiterates that the further development on the smaller ERJ aircraft will
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X-Crafts Announces E-Jets Family for X-Plane

Following on from their E175v2 and E195v2, X-Crafts have announced they are developing a brand new version of the E-Jets family for X-Plane. The all-new aircraft will build upon the learnings from past products from the development team and be the best versions of the aircraft made for the platform. The brand-new aircraft product will feature all varients of the
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X-Crafts ERJ Family Updated to V1.3.22


The new version 1.3.22 for the ERJ Family updates the FMS, General, Interface, VR, and flight model for X-Plane 11. The full changelog can be found below.

The FMS has received some work and now allows the user to select and edit a waypoint while flying towards it. “Direct To” a waypoint now proceeds directly from your present position. Additionally, trim settings within the FMS are specific to each aircraft.

A general update in regards to aircraft casting rain effects has also been worked on. The Librain plugin enables windshield rain effect. For users who enjoy the wing view from the aft will now see the rain effect on the windows. Furthermore, aircraft steering is now delayed, so be sure to adjust your joystick and/or rudder settings if need be.

This version also updates VR integration. The user can now navigate through a menu for checklists, operations, and FAQ. The menu tab is found by clicking the open area under the Master Warning light.

The safest way to obtain this version is to redownload from the XPlane Store.

If you do not yet own the X-Crafts ERJ Family, you can obtain it from the XPlane Store for $89.95 USD.

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X-Crafts ERJ Family Updated to V1.3.20 for X-Plane 11

Since X-Craft's last major update in April 2020, the developer brings yet another update for the ERJ Family to V1.3.20. This new update entails the Avionics, FMS/Autoflight, Aircraft/Objects, and FMOD. In the Avionics section, a revision to the Ground speed/Time to go/Elapsed time is now displayed on the PFD and is visible in the lower right. Regarding the FMS/Autoflight section, a
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X-Crafts ERJ Family: The FSElite Review

X Crafts Erj Family Review
One of the main reasons I have recently added X-Plane to my computer is for the availability of some planes that aren’t available for Prepar3D. One of the main aircraft types that piqued my interest was the Embraer family of airplanes. Predominantly used for shorter regional flights, the planes fit my primary flying style: flights that last 1 to 2
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X-Crafts Pushes Major Embraer Family Update To 1.2.0

1491781044 NEWUPDATE.png.db20242ab23adf9dcd902fed6d279494
In the process of continuously improving its ERJ Family, X-Crafts has released a major update bringing it to version 1.2.0. Most of the changes concern the flight management system. One major improvement is the addition of a Vertical Path Indicator for better VNAV descent tracking. Pilots who sometime get away from desktop during cruise will be happy to know that
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X-Crafts Updates ERJ Family To Version 1.1.4

X-Plane developer X-Crafts has released an update for their Embraer Regional Jets Family. This update corrects minor readability issues on the EICAS and improves the speed brake logic. Finally, the overall code was rendered more efficient. Released in May 2019, the X-Crafts ERJ Family is available on the X-Plane store for $89.95 USD. It contains the Embraer 135, 140, 145,
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