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Orbx Skiathos International Airport Trailer, Release Date

Orbx has shared a trailer of their recently announced Skiathos (LGSK) scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The trailer shows the airport itself, with planes landing and taking off, and a day-night cycle to show some of the lighting features. The trailer also shows some of the details we can come to expect at this airport, such as plane spotters taking pictures or enjoying getting their faces blasted by the engine-wash, vehicles, and airport workers loading or unloading baggage on the apron. Furthermore, the trailer gets up close with the city, as it shows the details we can come to expect here. As previously announced, Orbx’s Skiathos scenery will include the whole island, including landmarks and points of interest.

Orbx also announced that Skiathos International Airport will release this Friday.

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DCS AH-64D Laser Hellfire Sneak Peek Video

DCS AH 64D Laser Hellfire Sneak Peek
DCS users will very much enjoy this sneak peek video for the upcoming AH-64D. This is the final sneak peek before more in-depth videos will be shared for the aircraft. The AGM-114K features a laser-guided Hellfire and can target ranges out to 8km. Up to four Hellfires can be loaded onto each of the weapon pylons and suits taking out tanks or
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Watch the Volocopter Official Trailer for MSFS

Microsoft Flight Simulator Volocopter Official Trailer Gamescom 2021
In case you missed it, Microsoft announced they will be bringing the Volocopter to Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The Volocopter has been developed in conjunction with the aircraft manufacturer. As a result, the Volocopter will come with accurate modelling and data so you can get a realistic flight as you soar over the world. The Volocopter is a unique aircraft in
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Airline2Sim A320 Cadet Series New Episodes Released

Airline2Sim has released the next series of videos in their A320 Cadet Series. Module four includes 4 brand-new episodes for customers of the A320 Cadet Series, including a full flight from Berlin to Tenerife and a look at performing a go-around in manual flight mode. The full flight from Berlin to Tenerife includes a detailed overview on the ATSU system
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Airline2Sim Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program New Episodes Now Available

Late last year, Airline2Sim released the first module of their long-awaited Airbus A320 Cadet Training Program. The release saw Ben and James (real-world A320 pilot) take you through some of the basics of the aircraft and introducing you to the many training scenarios the collection of videos will take you through. The new batch of episodes, available to all current
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Aerobask Lancair Legacy RG Trailer Released

Aerobask Lancair Legacy RG For X Plane 11
On YouTube, a new trailer for the upcoming Aerobask Lancair Legacy LG for X-Plane 11 has been released. The video, posted by Fly777X, is in a cinematic style, showing lots of details from the plane. The exterior, FMOD sounds, systems and more and shown off in the video. The description also gives us a look at what to expect from
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Bravo Throttle Video Preview

Chrome 2020 04 13 14 00 52
Despite the announcement for the delay to production, Honeycomb Aeronautical wanted to showcase their Bravo Throttle controls to the community in a short video preview. The video preview, hosted by Nicki at Honeycomb Aeronautical, goes into a bit more detail about the inner workings of the throttles, along with the customisation available. To begin, we can see how the throttle
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