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Introducing SimFlix – Our Latest Venture Into Video Content

Featured Image Simflix

At FSElite, we are always trying to find new ways to bring you the latest content. Whether that be written content or video content, we have always felt that providing the flight simulation community with engaging content is vital. With video being one of the most popular mediums for people to consume media, we knew we had to change.

It’s with pleasure that today we are releasing our latest service: SimFlix.


SimFlix will give you access to hundreds of flight simulator and aviation-related content. From the latest films such as Sully and Snakes on a Plane to more historical takes such as Pearl Harbour and Twelve o’Clock High. For the kids, Disney’s Planes will be readily available to stream or download, and if you’re looking for a good chuckle, then comedy classic Airplane is also ready to view.

We love our collection of films, but where SimFlix really shines is our original content. New episodes of Orange Is the New Pilot are ready to stream exclusively now on SimFlix, as well as the cult classic Simmer Things. Furthermore, our latest series on Microsoft Flight Simulator: In-Depth will give you all the juicy details you need about the upcoming simulator. Finally, for those that want something edgier should check out Master of Caution, a tale of a single man in the city always looking for the next issue.

Our vast library of content is ready to view right now on our brand new SimFlix webpage. Going forward from today at 00:01 zulu*, SimFlix will be our brand new home page to help promote the amazing content we have to offer.

To read more about SimFlix, you can check out our new about section here.


Just some of our original content currently trending.

All there is left to say is it’s time to SimFlix and Fly.



*Today is April 1st 2020. Web page will then change on April 1st 2020 @ 12:00pm zulu.

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