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Winwing A3XX Sidestick Grip: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

As per our Community Charter, all of our reviews are free from bias, prejudice and favouritism. Don't forget, each reviewer has their own style and thoughts, although they all abide by the Review Guidelines - something I suggest you read.

Today we are reviewing the Winwing A3XX Sidestick grip. This is a brand new joystick that is compatible with the Orion Base and Super Libra base from Winwing, and is meant to be a replica of the stick that you can find in a real Airbus Aircraft. 

Video produced by: Spencer te Wildt 

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Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Now Available

TCA Airbus Edition Accolades Trailer Thrustmaster
The complete Thrustmaster TCA Airbus series is now complete and ready to buy from selected outlets, including Aerosoft. The new TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition includes everything you need for a complete Airbus simulation, including an ambidextrous and modular control stick and throttle quadrant with plenty of control options. Thrustmaster's TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition comes with everything you need
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Connect Any Real Aircraft’s Controls to Your Simulator

Simyourplane Kit Consumer Cockpit Builder (7)
Here's something a little more unique for you all. Developer Sim Your Plane has announced a new consumer-grade hardware kit that will allow you to literally connect any real-world aircraft and its controls to a simulator. What and how? Well, essentially the Sim Your Plane kit comes with a number of sensors where you can simply attach it to key controls
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Thrustmaster Officially Announces TCA Boeing Yoke Pack

Image From Ios (1)
Whilst a few sneak peeks were shown earlier on the show-floor, Thrustmaster has officially announced the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack. The TCA Boeing Yoke Pack Tim is onstage now presenting. He said this is the "world's first Boeing yoke and quadrant for flight simulator." He continued, "this Thrustmaster's first-ever yoke. That alone is a huge announcement. An ergonomic replica of a Boeing 787
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Watch the Thrustmaster Product Reveal – FlightSimExpo 2021

In just a few minutes, Thrustmaster will be hosting a keynote speech, where we expect more details about the Boeing Yoke Pack will be revealed. In addition, Thrustmaster is likely to talk about other flight sim hardware they have already produced such as the TCA Airbus set.

Whilst you wait, see the first images for the TCA Boeing Yoke Pack.

You can watch it live on the YouTube stream above.

For more on FSExpo 2021, check out our live feed.

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New Honeycomb Aeronautical Products Announced

Chrome 2021 09 24 23 26 49
Honeycomb Aeronautical's Nicki continues to talk on stage at FlightSimExpo and has just confirmed a few new products coming out. Starting with the Alpha Flight Controls XPC, this new version of the original Alpha Yoke will come with a number of new features. The new form factor means the rounded top has now gone, whilst hall-effect sensors have been added, which
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Honeycomb Aeronautical Produce Price Increase, Warning to Scalpers

Chrome 2021 08 24 09 39 11
Honeycomb Aeronautical has taken to Facebook to announce some changes to their product pricing and the reasoning behind these new changes. Since the pandemic, a global chip shortage has made a massive impact on all types of products, including flight sim hardware. The shortage of materials and shipping vessels has led to price increases across the board for Honeycomb Aeronautical.
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Cockpit Master CS 737X CDU: The FSElite Review

As simmers, we are always looking to find new ways to make our simulation experience as immersive as possible. Whether that be through great software products or improving our PC hardware to push the simulator to visual limits. Another way many choose to enhance that experience is through the use of hardware that simulates real aircraft parts. We often see
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