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FlyTampa Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D Previews

Flytampa Amsterdam P3d (9)

FlyTampa appears to be gearing up to release Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D very soon. Over on Facebook, the development team shared a number of new previews of the Dutch airport. From the previews, we can see a number of new features with this new rendition of the busy international airport, including use of dynamic lighting, PBR texturing, and all new modelling.

When FlyTampa says something is coming “Real Sooooon…” we can only imagine Prepar3D owners will be preparing their wallets very soon.

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FlyTampa FlyAmsterdam V2 Preview

Ft Ams V2
FlyTampa has given us a glimpse of the upcoming V2 version of their rendition of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. FlyAmsterdam V2 is set to release for Prepar3D first, and comes with a big list of changes. After the initial release of FlyTampa's FlyAmsterdam scenery, it was followed up with an update to include PBR textures among other things, but as the
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NL2000 Version 5.05 Released

SS Rot1
The team working on the NL2000 mod has released a new version with a few updated airports. Version 5.05 includes a completely rebuild Teuge (EHTE) airport, to update the scenery to its 2021 status. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has its S-taxiway connected to runway 24. Furthermore, some smal additions have been done to airstrip Ameland (solar park), airport Beek and the
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FlyTampa Updates Amsterdam to V1.3

At long last, FlyTampa has issued an update for their popular Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), ahead of their big 'V2 Upgrade' which is coming at a later point. The 1.3 update adds support for FlyTampa's Universal Installer, as well as improved Prepar3D v5 support. Furthermore, the update adds several autogen and performance optimalisations, lighting and elevation fixes. The update is
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Confirmed: FlyTampa Pushing for X-Plane Conversions of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Las Vegas

Fly Tampa Corfu X Plane 11 (1)

Spotted by one of our writers yesterday, there was a very conspicuous post on the forums, which seemed to be from a FlyTampa developer. The post in question was asking why there wasn’t a good Las Vegas (KLAS) scenery for X-Plane 11. A few comments in and a familiar name popped up in the comments suggesting that they were “pushing” to have Las Vegas, along with other airports, to come to the platform.

Being the careful media outlet we are, we reached out to FlyTampa and have now had it confirmed that g.emilios is, in fact, the esteemed FlyTampa developer of the same name. In our email, he said, “the post is true”.

To quote the forum post:

I personally loved X-Plane during Corfu development, so we are trying to push Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Vegas into XPlane within the next months”

It was made clear that the airports wouldn’t necessarily be developed in that particular order, but that the FlyTampa team are keen to bring those airports across to the platform. This news follows on from their previous statement they wanted other airports, but at the time did not clarify which airports were under consideration.

In related news, further previews of Athens was shared today for X-Plane 11 and it was re-confirmed that Athens V2 for Prepar3D is still very much in development.

[Featured image is FlyTampa Corfu on X-Plane 11]

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Updates from the team at Airport2Sim

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Our good friends at Airline2Sim has had a pretty quiet few years since the release of their PMDG 777 Cadet Training Program (review). They did announce a new product line called Airport2Sim, which is designed to teach you everything you'd need to know about moving around some of the biggest airports in the world. In the update, posted on Facebook,
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FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol updated to v1.1

Finally! After two months of very little word on this update, FlyTampa have finally released an updated installer with fixes for some issues that have been plaguing users of this addon. Of course, many of these issues had already been fixed in the forums themselves but now we finally have an installer! You can find the full changelog down below.
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FlyTampa Amsterdam Schiphol: The FSElite Review

DEVELOPER FlyTampa PRICE €28,00 PUBLISHER FlyTampa BUY FROM FlyTampa It’s the worlds fifth busiest airport, has 6 runways to serve traffic from literally every wind direction, serves one of the worlds biggest air fleets and recently celebrated its 100th birthday. Obviously I’m talking about Schiphol airport. It’s been almost two years since FlyTampa announced a new project on their forums
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