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Orbx Announces Zadar Airport

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Zadar Airport (LDZD) is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, as announced by Orbx. Zadar Airport is an international airport serving a varied number of airlines, albeit with seasonal destinations only. Zadar Airport is the fourth largest airport in Croatia in terms of passengers. It also serves as a hub for Ryanair.

Orbx’s Zadar Airport is developed by Rasha Tucakov. It will of course feature a complete and authentic rendition of the airport itself, featuring a number of custom static aircraft with the airports mixed use by civilian and military aviation. Furthermore, in Orbx fashion, the coverage of the scenery will expand well beyond the airport itself, and the city will see multiple enhancements with the addition of several points of interest and landmark buildings. These include the historic Land Gate, the Church of St. Donatus and the Kresimir Cosic Sports Hall, amongst others. The scenery will also feature full PBR and custom orthophotos for the airport.

Orbx has not yet announced a release date, so for now we have these previews to get us excited about the project.


  • Detailed depiction of Croatia’s 4th busiest airport
  • Custom POIs across the city of Zadar
  • Full PBR
  • Custom ortho for airport area
  • Unique static aircraft
  • Weather-influenced ground polygon with unique textures and markings
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Orbx Releases Split Airport for MSFS

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Orbx made the announcement today that they have released Split Airport (LDSP) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Split is a popular tourist destination and sees a huge list of different airlines with seasonal destinations. Split Airport is also the second busiest airport of Croatia. Orbx's rendition of the airport has been developed by the Havant team. The scenery comes with the
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Onfinal Studio Releases Brač Airport for MSFS

272604 Onfinal Studio Ldsb 9
Shifting their scenery development efforts to a new country, MSFS scenery developer Onfinal Studio has released their rendition of Brač Airport (LDSB) for MSFS users to discover. Nestled along the top of a hill and overlooking the Croatian city of Bol, Brač Airport (LDSB) is a small regional airport located on the island of Brač, one of Croatia's southern-most islands. Originally opened
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Aerosoft Releases Zagreb for XP

Ldza Xp 05
Aerosoft has released Zagreb 'Franjo Tuđman' Airport for X-Plane 11 (LDZA). The airport serves the capital city of Croatia, and is also the largest and busiest one in terms of passenger movements. The airport offers connections to several other European cities, and a small number of connections to cities outside of Europe, such as Toronto and Seoul. The airport, developed by
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Aerosoft Releases Split Resnik Airport for XP11

Airport Split XP XPlane 11 Add On Official Trailer Aerosoft
Following recent previews, developer and publishing house Aerosoft, in cooperation with PAD-Labs and Stairport Sceneries, has released its rendition of Split Resnik Airport (LDSP) for XP11. Split Resnik Airport (LDSP) is an international airport located on the west side of Kaštela Bay on Croatia's Dalmatian coast. It serves as the main port of entry to the region. The airport saw about 3.3
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Orbx Releases Rijeka Airport


Orbx has released Rijeka Airport (LDRI), developed by Rasha Tucakov. Rijeka Airport serves the city of Rijeka, and is a popular summer destination for tourists. The airport is remarkable for its architecture style, something Orbx takes pride in having been faithfully reproduced in this scenery.

Orbx’s representation of the airport also includes static aircraft, and custom ground service equipment and traffic. These have been modelled exclusively for this scenery, and should enhance the immersion and unique feeling at this airport. The airport also features PBR textures, highly detailed modelling and more. All this has of course been done whilst making sure the scenery performs well.

As with any Orbx airport, the scenery expands beyond the airport borders and extends into the surrounding region. Rasha has modelled parts of Krk Island, on which the airport is located. Users might be able to recognise landmarks such as the Krk Bridge, the oil refineries and facilities, or the several beaches and more.

Rijeka Airport is available right now through Orbx Direct for $34.95AUD, and is compatible with Prepar3D v4 and v5.


  • UHD depiction of Rijeka Airport, Croatia
  • Advanced materials, including PBR & custom env maps
  • Unique static aircraft & GSE created exclusive to LDRI
  • Accurate depiction of Brutalist architecture
  • Extensive coverage area at 50cm
  • High-detail Krk Bridge
  • Extended coverage area including custom DEM, LC & vector work
  • Animated GSE and carpark vehicles
  • Dozens of POI
  • Hand-placed autogen & complete seasonal variations
  • Stunning dynamic & baked night lighting
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Aerosoft Releases Zagreb Professional

Zagreb Prof (13)
Aerosoft, by surprise, has released Zagreb Professional. The scenery had not been previously announced or previewed by Aerosoft, and follows shortly on the release of the long awaited Airbus A330. Zagreb International airport  (LDZA) is Croatia's largest and busiest airport, serving the countries capital city. It offers a number of routes to mostly European destinations, by a number of low
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