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Winwing A3XX Sidestick Grip: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

As per our Community Charter, all of our reviews are free from bias, prejudice and favouritism. Don't forget, each reviewer has their own style and thoughts, although they all abide by the Review Guidelines - something I suggest you read.

Today we are reviewing the Winwing A3XX Sidestick grip. This is a brand new joystick that is compatible with the Orion Base and Super Libra base from Winwing, and is meant to be a replica of the stick that you can find in a real Airbus Aircraft. 

Video produced by: Spencer te Wildt 

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Thrustmaster TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition Now Available

TCA Airbus Edition Accolades Trailer Thrustmaster
The complete Thrustmaster TCA Airbus series is now complete and ready to buy from selected outlets, including Aerosoft. The new TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition includes everything you need for a complete Airbus simulation, including an ambidextrous and modular control stick and throttle quadrant with plenty of control options. Thrustmaster's TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition comes with everything you need
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Freeware A330-900neo Mod for MSFS Available

Native Airbus A330 900neo8
Although initially released back in July of this year, an Airbus A330-900neo modification for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been gaining traction in the community. The wide-body Airbus jet is a modern take on the popular A330 with all-new wings and a modern engine designed to be more fuel-friendly and less noisy. Whilst it may not be as popular as other
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ToLiss A340-600 Release Date Announced with New Trailer

A340 600 By ToLiss Preview And Release Date Announcement
The longest Airbus jet, the A340-600, is being developed by ToLiss for X-Plane 11 and now has a formal release date. The short 45-second teaser trailer shared a number of elements of the aircraft such as the external modelling, animations and also the cockpit. ToLiss has had plenty of experience in developing Airbus aircraft over the years with the A321Neo
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FlyByWire Simulations A380 Previews

Numero 4
Over on their Discord, FlyByWire Simulations have shown a few more previews of their upcoming Airbus A380. The previews shown the full aircraft exterior in the sim for the first time, as well as some close-up shots of the engines. The team also shared two videos. One of the videos shows the FMS data section of a select airport. The
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JARDesign Releases JD340-500 Airliner

23 1200×700

JARDesign has released their rendition of the Airbus A340-500. The JD340-500 Airliner is now finally available, adding another plane to the already significant fleet of JARDesign planes.

The exterior of the plane are created with highly detailed 3D modelling and high resolution textures. The plane contains animations, such as wingflex, a detailed landing gear animation and cargo and passenger doors. The latter ones can be controlled through the MCDU of the plane.

Inside the cockpit the plane features animated knobs, switches, levers, tables, windshield wipers and windshield sun visors. The cockpit is built with the same highly detailed 3D modelling and high-resolution textures. The plane contains a lot of custom-built systems. Common failures, FMGS features, performance calculation and payload settings are all included. A full list of modelled flight and system features can be found at the end of this post.

The JARDesign JD340-500 Airliner is available from the store for $59.95. It’s also available on simMarket for 49.95 (minus taxes).

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FlyByWire Simulations Removes A32NX from MSFS Marketplace

FlyByWire Simulations has removed the popular A32NX aircraft add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator from the in-game marketplace. The team has come to this decision after the recent Sim Update V. The update has caused some issues when interacting with the plane, such as a crash to desktop. The team stated that the plane will be off the marketplace until further
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JARDesign Further Previews Airbus A340-500 for XP

226018866 3028545127465364 6129133684235903342 N
Taking to their official Facebook page, Airbus add-on developer JARDesign has decided to share some additional previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 aircraft add-on for X-Plane. Serving as a successor to the previously developed Airbus A340-200 aircraft, the Airbus A340-500 series first flew on February 11th, 2002 and, until the introduction of the Boeing 77-200LR, was considered the world's longest-range commercial
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iniSimulations Previews upcoming A310-300 ON THE LINE

IniSimulations A310 300 ON THE LINE The Trailer
Known for their rendition of the Airbus A300-600R/(F) and Beluga for X-Plane, iniSimulations has released a trailer for their latest aircraft project, the Airbus A310-300. The A310 first flew in 1982 and entered service with Swissair in 1983. The A310 was Airbus' second aircraft venture and was produced to fill the demand for a smaller aircraft than the A300 and
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JARDesign Group Previews Avitab for Airbus A340-500

Jardesign A340 (3)
X-Plane aircraft manufacturer, JARDesign Group, has released previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 with the integration of Avitab. JARDesign first announced their A340-500 product back in 2018 with initial renders of the aircraft. With the latest screenshots of the aircraft's cockpit, it is evident to see that great progress has been made with the development including the addition of the
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