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A2A Simulations

A2A Simulations Now Full Steam Ahead on MSFS Development

A2a Simulations Comanche 250

There’s no denying that Microsoft Flight Simulator provides a great visual experience, even at low altitudes. However, whilst some developers have been able to bring a great number of smaller aircraft to the simulator, one prominent developer has been sadly missing from talks of bringing their content to the new simulator. That developer is A2A Simulations. However, that looks to change now as the team has made progress with their tools to be able to now bring their products to the new platform.

Over on the A2A Simulations forums, Scott Gentile (CEO and Owner) made a post detailing how progress with the sim is now looking positive. After a long development process, Scott said, “as of yesterday, thanks to our brilliant Michal Krawczyk and Mark Smith, we appear to be out of the woods with Accu-Sim and MSFS2020.” He went on to say that he did some test flights with an all-new Accu-Sim Comanche 250 in the simulator. “Today for the first time, I took off and performed a bunch of maneuvers in the air, came back with a nice flare and landed in an all-new Accu-Sim Comanche 250. “

He went onto say that “all major road-blocks are cleared” before then confirming that the team can now properly plan for Microsoft Flight Simulator development. A2A Simulations has chosen to bring the Comanche 250 as their first aircraft for the platform as “[they] know the it so well.” Whilst development for the first aircraft will take longer, Scott confirmed this is due to new technology, systems and physics all being made for the aircraft in the modern platform. In even more exciting news, Scott said that a spell of US military work has meant that A2A also has Accu-Sim turboprop and turbojet already on the shelf that can be used for any future aircraft products.

This is a huge piece of news and will certainly be exciting to follow in the future.

Thanks to Tom for the tip!

Featured image from P3D.

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A2A Simulations Releases B-17G Flying Fortress

B17 2
Well known aircraft developer, A2A Simulations, has released their latest aircraft in the Accu-Sim range, the Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress for P3D v4/5. The Flying Fortress is a World War II heavy bomber which saw action across Europe, Africa and Asia throughout the war. The B-17 first flew in 1935 and saw service up until it's retirement with the Brazilian
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A2A Simulations Products Now Available on OrbxDirect

Chrome NMYA8SsMZg

It has been announced that A2A Simulations products are now available to buy and download through OrbxDirect. This means favourites such as the Cessna 172, the Bonanza and even their historical military aircraft such as the P-51D can now be installed using the simple Orbx Central application.

Currently, there are six of A2A Simulations aircraft to select (Academic and Professional versions), along with the Accu-Feel utility. The list of products is as follows:

  • Accu-Feel
  • Spitfire MKI-II
  • P-51D Military
  • P-51D Civilian
  • J-3 Cub
  • Cessna C172
  • Bonanza

The P3D Academic licenses for each of the aircraft are currently listed as $70.00 AUD (approximately US$50.15 | €42,80 | £38.77), whilst the P3D Professional licenses are $112.00 AUD (approximately US$80.24 | €68,48 | £62.04). Accu-Feel is listed for $28.00 AUD (P3D Academic) or $38.00 AUD (P3D Professional).

As of right now, there is no way to transfer your license from an A2A Simulations purchase to your Orbx account. That said, those who do buy through OrbxDirect can install their aircraft through the Orbx Central application for easy installation.

You can read more on the official partner page for A2A Simulations on OrbxDirect.

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A2A Simulations Discusses Aerostar 600 Twin

A2a Simulations Accu Sim Aerostar 600
Aircraft developer A2A Simulations has already confirmed that they are working on Microsoft Flight Simulator content, which starts with the Aerostar 600. This is an aircraft close to the team at A2A Simulations as they already own and operate the particular type of aeroplane in the real-world. In a brief update today from the team, a few new renders of
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How to Improve Your Landings with a Flight Simulator: The FSElite Tutorial

How To Improve Your Landings With A Flight Simulator The FSElite Tutorial
In this FSElite tutorial, we discuss the basic techniques you can use to help improve your landings with a flight simulator. In this video, I showcase different aircraft landings ranging from Cessna 172 to a Boeing 747. Disclaimer: This tips and tricks video is designed to help you in a flight simulation environment and does not substitute any kind of real-world training.
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Challenge of the Day: P-40 Flights

Stay At Home P 40V2
As the world continues to pull through as a global community against the pandemic known as Coronavirus, we are supporting simmers across the world with our newly released Stay at Home Community Hub. As part of that, we are challenging simmers around the globe to a series of challenges and share their best screenshots of those daily challenges. Each day, we
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A2A Simulations Offers FREE Accu-Sim P-40 for Everyone

P 40 1
A2A Simulations has offered everyone in the flight simulation community a free copy of their P-40 for P3D. The news comes as everyone in the world starts to adjust to new life with the current pandemic. A2A Simulations are offering this out of goodwill for anyone and everyone who is looking to pass the time during the situation. To get your
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