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Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for MSFS: The FSElite Review

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FSElite's preferred Flight Sim vendor is SimMarket. (Why?)

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Join Ronnie as we fly the new Aerosoft CRJ 550 and 700 in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It’s worth noting that this review was edited and completed prior to the recent v1.0.0.1 update which just released.

Overall Summary
Overall, I think the aircraft is in an early state, but still offers enjoyment to fly. As with the simulator, this aircraft over time will receive updates and I have confidence these bugs that are present in the autopilot and flight computer will be fixed with time. The aircraft is still a joy to fly and has incredibly impressive modelling and texturing that truly immerses you into the simulator. I have faith in Aerosoft that they will continue to improve the aircraft and fix the handful of bugs I've discovered so far to make this a truly joyous plane to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Numerous bugs in the initial release with the autopilot
  • Flight dynamics feel slightly off
  • HUD acts as a screen and not a true HUD

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Ronnie Wainscott

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