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PMDG DC-6, 737 and More Coming to Marketplace; Teasing Possible 757 In Development

Pmdg Dc 6 Msfs Release (5)

PMDG’s Robert Randazzo has appeared today on the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Q&A session. During his short time on the live stream, he gave some rather exciting updates on the future of the DC-6, the 737 and teased what is possibly being worked on.

Starting with the news surrounding the DC-6. When PMDG released the DC-6 earlier this year, they said it would eventually be coming to the Marketplace. Today, Robert confirmed that the DC-6 would be coming to the Marketplace next week. Not only will PC owners be able to get their hands on the DC-6 through the Marketplace, but Xbox owners will also be able to buy and download the sophisticated aircraft on the console. When asked, he confirmed that the Marketplace version will include a number of liveries, but that the aircraft will be identical on both platforms, otherwise.

Further to the news of the DC-6 coming to the in-sim Marketplace, Robert also confirmed that the upcoming 737, 777 and 747 will also be heading to Marketplace in the future.

So what’s up with the tease of the 757? Well, when Robert was first saying hello on the stream, he said that he keeps models of aircraft the team is developing on his desk as a good luck charm. He shared a quick look at a DC aircraft, followed by the 737. Then, without any prompting, he quickly brought up another aircraft model and said “there’s another product line that’s coming along and we’ll talk more about that a little later.” It was a bit quick, and a bit small, but from what we can see, it looks like a 757. Below is a snippet from that. You can watch the Twitch stream at around the 14:50 mark to see for yourself. If you think it could be another aircraft, let us know in the comments.


Robert also pulled a quick prank on the community by saying “the 737 would release on …….” before then saying his audio cut out. A mean prank, but you could just tell everyone edged closer to the stream hoping to catch a whisper or something to know when the narrow-body would be available in Microsoft Flight Simulator. On the plus side, he did say that the team currently has 14 products in the pipeline all of which are coming to Marketplace.

To watch Robert talk a little bit about the development process and also his experience at the Reno Air Race, you can watch the live stream now. The live stream is full of other great information and we’ll post a re-cap article shortly.

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