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iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG Now Available for P3D

Ifly Jets Advanced Series 737ng Release Candidate P3d 10

Following a number of previews over the past few weeks, iFly’s Advanced Series – The 737NG is now available for Prepar3D v5.

For those wondering what the differences are between the older version of the iFly 737 jets and this new Advanced Series is, then Flight1 has provided a detailed list. It includes a new high-definition virtual cockpit, with full PBR material usage. Furthermore, there is a new immersive audio engine, along with a new EFB that has integration with Navigraph charts. Furthermore, a new Collimated HUD is included as well as a night dynamic lighting system. The team has also built the aircraft to support DirectX12 and also Prepar3D’s Enhanced Atmospheric system.

All of the new features are in addition to the already included functions such as custom autopilot, accurate flight dynamics and dozens of other features. The FMS includes winds aloft forecast, accurate Cost Index calculations, ETA and Fuel Predictions, and much more.

Customers who already own the original iFly 737 series on Prepar3D can get 25% off the Advanced Series. If you owned the FSX version, you are entitled to 20% off. The discount vouchers can be found on the Flight1 Agent platform.

Otherwise, you can buy the iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG for Prepar3D v5 now from Flight1 for $69.95.

Upgrades From Previous Editions

  • Supports Prepar3D v5.2+
  • Uses DirectX 12
  • Built around Enhanced Atmospherics (TrueSky)
  • All New High Definition Virtual Cockpit models.
  • Full PBR materials Virtual cockpit based on the P3D v5.2 changes.
  • All New High Definition External models including Scimitar Winglets and much more.
  • New Click spot logic – mouse interaction with panels.
  • Ultra-High Definition Textures and Display Units in the Virtual Cockpit – VR compatible.
  • New Dynamic Lighting system for the Virtual Cockpit (works anytime, day or night).
  • Ultra-Resolution PBR material textures for the External Models.
  • Comm Radios supports 8.33KHz frequency spacing.
  • New Dynamic Lighting system and Effects for External Models, supporting PBR & non-PBR surface materials.
  • New Immersive Audio Engine sounds (pilot view orientated).
  • New iFly developed Engine sound core system (engine sound & tone will change based on thrust, altitude & air density).
  • New fully Immersive Audio Cockpit sounds.
  • Electronic Flight Bag with Navigraph Terminal Charts integration. Requires Navigraph subscription
  • Cabin Light intensity control.
  • New Collimated HUD.
  • Other general improvements.
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