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Interview with Jorg Neumann on WU6, Helicopters, Racing, eSports and More


A week ago, Microsoft shared news about four new things coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simualtor during their Gamescom 2021 Xbox presentation. Prior to the event, we sat down with Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, to talk about the announcements and a few other bits related to the simulator. Despite the relatively short period of time, Jorg enlighted us with more information about what we can expect from the likes of World Update 6, the Junkers JU-52, eSport opportunities and much more.

On World Update 6

Jorg: World Update 6, as you know will focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We’re updating when we have great data and in this case, we have excellent data. We have brand new satallite and aerial imagery for Germany, Austria and Swizterland and we got a great ampunt of elevation maps for the alps. Now they are looking awesome! We also then had enough data to make new 3D cities. We thought about which ones we should make, as we had quite a few in Germany, none in Austria and one in Switzerland. So we ended up going for Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Basel in Switzerland Graz and Vienna in Austria.  They look friggin’ great – down to 7cm in some areas and some are even better. We work with local tourism companies in order to help produce local points of interest and learn about the most meaninful things in the region. We’re really happy with the selection.

We then tie this all together with missions and discovery flights. Added in new discovery flights and continue doing this for every world update going forward. New landing challenges, some really cool airports and bush trips. We’re now starting to think about these [bush trips] as guided tours. So if you don’t know a country or a region, they’ll help you get around to look at the best and greatest stuff. The alps in this update are the difference between night and day. 30m – now 1-2m resolution. It’s near perfect.

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Interview with Scenery Developer FlightFX

FLIGHTFX Interview
Back in June, a new developer took the community by surprise to release a brand new version of Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. For a newcomer, FlightFX produced a highly impressive product that was full of small details that made it really stand out. In fact, the team compared real-world shots of the airport with images from
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First Look at Fenix Simulations’ A320 for MSFS

Fenix Simulations A320 Msfs First Look
Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator last year, simmers have been hoping for a high-quality airliner for the simulator. It would appear that those wishes will come true with the upcoming Fenix Sim A320 for the sim. If you haven't already seen the announcement article, I strongly suggest you take a look. Whilst the announcement article gave a good
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FSElite Original: Interview with Lars from Contrail App

CONTRAIL Interview

Over the past few months, you may have noticed a new store appear called Contrail. This new store, developed by Lars from 29Palms Scenery Design, is both a point of sale and also an application for customers to download and install products. Over the years, Lars has had an obsession with creating stunning scenery and easy-to-use configurator tools, and so, the Contrail App was a natural evolution for him.

In our extensive interview with Lars, he tells us exactly what the Contrail App is and how the new marketplace will support developers and the community access their products. The store is already populated with top-tier names such as Flightbeam, Aerosoft, LatinVFR and has recently introduced Verticalsim into the mix. More developers and products are to come in the future.

In addition to our interview with Lars from 29Palms, we’re pleased to work with Contrail to offer FSElite readers 25% off their first purchase with Contrail. That means you can pick up a product from the likes of Flightbeam, LatinVFR, Aerosoft and others at a discounted rate. Simply use the code FSELITE at the checkout, or by clicking this link.*

Further to Contrail, we spend some time asking what the future of 29Palms looks like and what future scenery products we can expect to see in the future. Thanks to Lars for taking the time to tell us more about Contrail and we hope you enjoy the interview.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and what you’ve done in the past for flight simulation?

My name is Lars Pinkenburg, a 29-year-old aviation nerd from Hamburg, Germany. Some readers might know my work under the “29Palms” brand which has been established in 2010. Over the years we have released a couple of airports for FSX and Prepar3D such as Nuremberg, Twentynine Palms and the Greek islands Mykonos, Samos and Skiathos. Besides our own projects, I have also collaborated with FSDG, Orbx and Limesim on projects such as Sharm-El Sheikh, FTX Germany and Southampton airport, just to name a few.

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Hands-On With Microsoft Flight Simulator

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is just a few weeks away from a public release and we have been lucky enough to have had our hands on a beta build for just over a week. That time has been spent covering all corners of the world in this ambitious title. Without a doubt, this is one of Microsoft’s most vital
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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Ask Me Anything

Microsoft Flight Simulator Ama
We're pleased to announce a brand new way of delivering important Flight Simulation news and information directly to you. With us now having extensive hands-on time with the simulator, we'd like to invite you to ask us anything about the new simulator. In our upcoming live stream, we will answer all of your questions, showcase never-before-seen footage and showcase a range
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