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Prepar3D News

FlyTampa Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D Previews

Flytampa Amsterdam P3d (9)

FlyTampa appears to be gearing up to release Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D very soon. Over on Facebook, the development team shared a number of new previews of the Dutch airport. From the previews, we can see a number of new features with this new rendition of the busy international airport, including use of dynamic lighting, PBR texturing, and all new modelling.

When FlyTampa says something is coming “Real Sooooon…” we can only imagine Prepar3D owners will be preparing their wallets very soon.

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iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG Now Available for P3D

Ifly Jets Advanced Series 737ng Release Candidate P3d 10
Following a number of previews over the past few weeks, iFly's Advanced Series - The 737NG is now available for Prepar3D v5. For those wondering what the differences are between the older version of the iFly 737 jets and this new Advanced Series is, then Flight1 has provided a detailed list. It includes a new high-definition virtual cockpit, with full PBR material
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Further Previews of iFly’s Jets Advanced Series 737NG for P3D

Ifly Jets Advanced Series 737ng Release Candidate P3d 11
Last month, Flight1 shared a number of images for iFly's upcoming 737NG for Prepar3D. The new Jets Advanced Series 737NG is a brand-new version of the Boeing 737 for Prepar3D and it promises to be a huge improvement from iFly's previous offering. Since then, there has been a number of new images shared to the gallery on Flight1's website with some
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FlyTampa FlyAmsterdam V2 Preview

Ft Ams V2

FlyTampa has given us a glimpse of the upcoming V2 version of their rendition of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. FlyAmsterdam V2 is set to release for Prepar3D first, and comes with a big list of changes. After the initial release of FlyTampa’s FlyAmsterdam scenery, it was followed up with an update to include PBR textures among other things, but as the real airport continued expanding and developing, the scenery started to look a little outdated. FlyAmsterdam V2 includes a newer version of the airport, most notably with the addition of the new terminal pier. FlyTampa has also added new passenger walking bridges that are present at the real airport, and updated several of the apron areas. The scenery includes a few more changes, one of which will be the inclusion of SODE jetways. Currently only available via third party implementations, SODE jetways for FlyAmsterdam have been high on the list of user requests. No release indication for the scenery was shared yet, but FlyTampa’s Emilio did indicate that development is nearly complete.

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FlightControlReplay v4.5 Autumn Update For MSFS, P3D, FSX

Microsoft Flight Simulator Flight Control Replay More Than Just A Replay App
Autumn is here and another free update is available to all registered users of FlightControlReplay (FCR). The official trailer can be found here, and briefly showcases the new features. You can now record AI aircraft in flight or on taxiways. This allows you to replay their operations and fly with them anytime you want. Exclusive to Microsoft Flight Simulator, one
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Taxi2Gate Releases Hamad International Airport V2

279768 Doh 25
A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. Taxi2Gate has released a new version of Hamad Intl. Airport for Prepar3D v4 and v5. The new version comes with several adjustments over the previous version, which starts with Prepar3D v4 and v5 compatibility. Although usable (with some user tweaks), the old scenery continued to have some issues in newer versions
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Aeroplane Heaven DC-3, Sabreliner Service Upgrades

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Aeroplane Heaven has issued several Service Upgrades for two of their planes. The DC-3 and North American Rockwell Sabreliner for Prepar3D have both received an update to fix several issues appearing in P3Dv5.2 The team also made some statements on the Milviz Radar Unit and F1 GTN suite that are no longer being developed and supported by their respective developers.
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[Updated] iFly is Back With Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG

Ifly 737 Advanced Series 7ng P3dv5 08
Update 18-Oct-2021 @ 18:45z: Steve from Flight1 provided FSElite withs some further information regarding some of the decisions made on the project. Addressing why this is coming to Prepar3D, Steve said that iFly, being based in Asia, still use the technology a lot for home-based simulators. This means there's still a large market for the iFly team who serves commercial and
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