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Scheduled Downtime Planned for Friday 19th Nov

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A quick note to let you know that FSElite will be going down on Friday, November 19th 2021 for a few hours whilst we start the process of moving to our new platform. The exact time of this downtime has yet to be decided.

During this time:

  • The website will be up/down
  • Various pages may look a bit different
  • We will not be posting any news/content during this time
  • A maintenance page will be placed up with some information about our Launch Party Event

Our comment system will now also be switched off as we make this transfer as well when we start this process.

Reminder: You can win a FREE copy of Reno Air Races in preparation for our launch party. Check out the post here to find out how to win.

We can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeves.

To be clear, we’ll be back live on Nov 20th.

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Flytampa Amsterdam P3d (9)

FlyTampa Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D Previews

FlyTampa appears to be gearing up to release Amsterdam V2 for Prepar3D very soon. Over on Facebook, the development team shared a number of new previews of the Dutch airport. From the previews, we can see a number of new features with this new rendition of the busy international airport, including use of dynamic lighting, PBR texturing, and all new
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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Reno Air Races Expansion – Available Now

Microsoft Flight Simulator Reno Air Race Expansion Now Available

In addition to the Game of the Year Edition update just released for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Reno Air Race Expansion Pack for the simulator has also been released. Available right now through the in-sim Marketplace is both The Reno Air Races: Expansion Pack and Reno Air Races: Full Collection. The Reno Air Races: Full Collection offers 40 unique, officially licensed
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Of The Year Edition Available Now

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition Now Available (Sim Update 7)

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update is now available to download and it adds a huge amount of extra content. The Game of the Year Edition of the simulator comes packed with new aircraft, new airports, new features and improvements across the board to make the sim even better. Starting with new additional aircraft, the Game of the Year Edition brings
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Ifly Jets Advanced Series 737ng Release Candidate P3d 10

iFly Jets Advanced Series – The 737NG Now Available for P3D

Following a number of previews over the past few weeks, iFly's Advanced Series - The 737NG is now available for Prepar3D v5. For those wondering what the differences are between the older version of the iFly 737 jets and this new Advanced Series is, then Flight1 has provided a detailed list. It includes a new high-definition virtual cockpit, with full PBR material
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Live Developer Q&A – Nov 17th Recap

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Before the release of the Game of the Year Edition and the Reno Air Race DLC tomorrow, the developers behind Microsoft Flight Simulator took to Twitch to talk to the community about some upcoming projects and discussed a little of the near-term roadmap. In the 1 hour 30 minute broadcast, Jorg, Sebastian and Martial answered questions from the community and had some surprise appearances from some special guests.

Jorg kicked things off with a discussion on World Update VII. The new World Update will focus on Australia and will release on January 25th 2022. The team has been busy adding new points of interest, satellite imagery and a bunch more. The Bing team has also got a lot of access to 3D cities so expect plenty of new photogrammetry cities for the region. The stream was then joined by Orbx’s Anna Cicognani who confirmed that Orbx will be bringing the Southern Cross aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simualtor. As part of the Local Legend series, this will be a digital replica of the iconic aircraft that was famously piloted by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith. It’s planned for the aircraft to release with missions and a manual; the aircraft will be made available on the same day as World Update VI, January 25th 2022.

Some attention was then turned to current and future Sim Updates. Sim Update 7, releasing tomorrow, was reconfirmed to feature (optional) DX12, an in-development replay system and massive improvements to the multiplayer set-up. It was noted that DX12 won’t bring with it any further enhancements or performance benefits, yet, but the team will be listening to feedback and continuously improving the system to make the most of the new technology. Sim Update 8, which will mostly focus on fixing bugs, will release late February 2022 and will also come with Chinese localization and an updated Marketplace user interface.

Another big name then joined the stream, this time, it was PMDG’s Robert Randazzo. Our previous post covers what he said in more detail, but in summary: the DC-6 is coming to the Marketplace next week, and the 737, 777, 747, and a number of other products are due to come to the store in the future. He also teased a 757.

A popular aircraft type, gliders, was also brought up in the stream. Whilst the development team have listed it as a Q3 2022 release, it was confirmed that a new partner, FlightSim Studio AG would be working on bringing gliders to the simulator. Work has just started, but the team has acquired talent from Aerosoft and others to help create the best gliders in the simulator.

During the live Q&A, some other details were mentioned. Firstly, supersonic flight and afterburner effects are now available to 3rd party developers, whilst Metroblue and Asobo have made improvements to the weather engine with the latest Sim Update. For those experiencing crash to desktop issues still, Asobo and Microsoft continue to work on identifying as many as possible and fixing them. Jorg said that they hope to be more transparent about the issues they’re facing and also provide more detailed information when a user sees a crash. Finally, it was confirmed the next developer Q&A will come in January 2022.

You can watch the full Q&A now over on Twitch. Come back tomorrow for more information on the Reno Air Race DLC pack, an update on the Game of the Year Edition and more. We also have an interview with Jorg coming very soon.

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A2a Simulations Comanche 250

A2A Simulations Now Full Steam Ahead on MSFS Development

There's no denying that Microsoft Flight Simulator provides a great visual experience, even at low altitudes. However, whilst some developers have been able to bring a great number of smaller aircraft to the simulator, one prominent developer has been sadly missing from talks of bringing their content to the new simulator. That developer is A2A Simulations. However, that looks to
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Ifly Jets Advanced Series 737ng Release Candidate P3d 11

Further Previews of iFly’s Jets Advanced Series 737NG for P3D

Last month, Flight1 shared a number of images for iFly's upcoming 737NG for Prepar3D. The new Jets Advanced Series 737NG is a brand-new version of the Boeing 737 for Prepar3D and it promises to be a huge improvement from iFly's previous offering. Since then, there has been a number of new images shared to the gallery on Flight1's website with some
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AREXmea1 1296x

LatinVFR Releases AREX: Middle East and Africa for MSFS

LatinVFR has released AREX: Middle East and Africa for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The last of the AREX collection packs now completes LatinVFR's mission to bring regional and correct ground service vehicles to locations around the world. This particular pack focuses on the Middle East and Africa and replaces the stock ground service for airports in those areas. Vehicles at airports
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SimSolutions DA40NG The Trailer

SimSolutions Releases Diamond DA40NG for XPL

If you're looking to fly the four-seater aircraft in X-Plane, then SimSolutions has you covered. Their newly released Diamond DA40NG allows you to fly the iconic aircraft with a number of features and a high level of detail. With over 500 aircraft of the type produced in the real-world, the Diamond DA40NG is a popular aircraft that allows you to
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simMarket Launches New Application to Download Products and Explore the Store

As part of a recent trend of stores providing their own application solutions, simMarket has joined the growing number of stores offering a new app. Aptly titled the simMarket App, the team hopes this will make discovering any of the 10,000 products even easier than ever before.

The new simMarket App is compatible with both Windows and Mac and supports all of the current sims and products. Further to being able to download and access the store from a single place, you can also view your own product library, order history and get multi-language customer support. You can also see the latest products on sale, along with any other special promotions and free titles available.

simMarket joins the likes of Aerosoft and Orbx with their own applications designed to make downloading and installing products easier than before.

You can get the simMarket App from their website now for free.

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Orbx Hymalay Msfs5

Orbx Releases AS Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh

Following on from the announcement last week, Orbx has released Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly released product includes a highly detailed mesh for one of the most mountainous and picturesque locations in the world. Known for its alpine glaciers, jagged peaks and tall mountains, the Himalayas is a challenging and interesting place to fly in
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Orbx Essendon Fields Airport Review

Review: Orbx Essendon Fields Airport for MSFS

For me, Essendon Airport holds a special place in my heart. When travelling to Australia a few years ago, I found myself in the vibrant city of Melbourne and was impressed by the skyline of the city. I was so impressed that I felt the urge to fly around and see the city from a different perspective. It was then
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